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DonkeyMails.com Request Payout!!!!!

DonkeyMails.com Request Payout!!!!!

Your request for 1.00 USD PayPal (link4312533@yahoo.com.tw) is 0 day(s) old.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Has spent 1660!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has spent 1660NTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obtained some tarffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These days have a look to be possible to obtain how many traffic!!!!!!

Obtained some members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This dog!!!!

This dog!!!!
Said couple days ago!!!

Looks like is very cute!!!!!

His foot was injured probably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must adopt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

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Today I changed website some page!!

Today I changed website some page!!!!!

Plans ADVERTISE!!!!!!

Must let the website good anticipation!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will start!!!

Anticipation Has more people!!!!

The hope does not need to spend too many money!!!!!!
May bring more traffic!!!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday’s dog!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday’s dog!!!!!!!!!!

Today some people looked!!!!

But is not their dog!!!!

Is whose dog!!!!!?????
He looks like is very clever!!!!!!!!!
Cool Dog!!!!!!!

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Today Came a dog!!!!!

Today Came a dog!!!!!

Where are my where are he!!!!!!

Whoever dog!!!!!
Big-shaped dog!!!!!

In Taiwan!!!!!

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However to must spend!!!!!!

However to must spend!!!!!

Many Japanese traffic!!!!!!!!!
Too many!!!!!!

I must more overseas traffic!!!!!!

Therefore plans to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5,000NTD Or are more!!!!!!

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Free traffic!!!!!!???

Today i make traffic!!!!!

Some traffic but equally is a dead end!!!!!!!!!!

I made SEO, free ADVERTISE, the search engine have registered the table of contents!!!!!!!

May do I did!!!!!!

But does not have the big help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Plus a lot of links today!!!!!!

Plus a lot of links today!!!!!!!

There are also Japanese Chinese!!!!!

I very happy!!!!!

Mado only have to respond to!!!!!




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Human who each position has the website!!!!
Hoped certainly very much own website have many traffic!!!
Me too!!!!

I have looked today many traffic!!!!
My website!!!!

I found a Japan’s traffic exchange website!!!!!!!

Today had some!!!!

But has not transformed me the member!!!!!

Many Japanese traffic!!!!

Is also increasing!!!!!!
I am my website traffic diligently!!!

I must rest!!!
Tomorrow will have more TRAFFIC!!!!!……………….

Good Night!!!!ZZZZZZZZ……..

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